Splawn Super Sport 112 Combo Celestion Creamback

Boxcar Guitars

This combo can take you from the bedroom to the stage, all with overdriven tonal bliss. 

This amp does more than just the legendary Brown Sound.

The clean channel is the real surprise of this amp. Splawn's are know for their high gain sound, but this amp has a great clean channel as well. Very chimey with a ton of headroom. Vintage Marshall type cleans that pair beautifully with the Celestion Creamback.

The gain channel has two modes (Splawn calls them gears) and two levels of overdrive for each gear. Gear one is voiced like a hot rodded Marshall Plexi. Going into Gear Two puts you into over the top Hot Rodded JCM type-tones with that signature Scott Splawn sound. 

The Splawn Loop Volume Control allows you to conjure up overdriven tones literally at bedroom levels. This feature is better than an attenuator on the market!

Each channel has it's own volume & master volume but the EQ section is shared. 

  • 22 watts – w/ 2 6V6 power Tubes
  • Channel 1 (clean) – Shared EQ and gain controls
  • Channel 2 (overdrive) – Shared EQ and gain controls
  • 3 Button Foot-switch – Clean/Overdrive, Mode, 1st Gear/2nd gear OD1/OD2
  • Series Effects Loop – w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
  • Loop Volume Control for low volume playing
  • Impedance Selector – 8/16 ohms
  • Speaker: Celestion G12M-65 12" Creamback
  • Colors: Purple tolex with Silver piping, salt and pepper woven cloth grill 
  • Controls: Gold control panel with black chicken head knobs
  • Dimensions: W 21″ H 21″ D 8.5″
  • Weight: 50 lbs 

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