Custom Orders

Why custom order through Boxcar Guitars?

Boxcar guitars works with many different guitar builders, and each builder offers many unique combinations from hardware, electronics, woods, finish and over all look, design and feel.  This vast selection among each builder gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond the typical custom order process and transcend common limitations.  You truly will build your dream guitar at Boxcar Guitars.


How does it work?

Start by choosing a few favorite guitars from the Boxcar website.  Then, let your imagination lead you towards building that custom guitar you have always dreamed.  I know there are many options and you may need some one on one help -  That's why I'm here.  My name is Garett - Owner of Boxcar Guitars, and I take tremendous pride in helping you build out your dream guitar down to every spec and option.  I know, I've been there, and I take the time to go through every spec and option to ensure you are getting an instrument tailored specifically to you.  

We typically have open build spots available from our vendors to ensure you get your new guitar as quick as possible and eliminate long lead times. 


How do I contact you?

I love phone calls but you can always email me as well.  Take a look at the contact page by clicking HERE and lets talk.   


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