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Welcome to Boxcar Guitars!

My name is Garett, and as proprietor of this finely railed establishment, I'll be your conductor wearing quite a few hats. As a lifelong guitarist and musician, what a ride it's been. From leaving the east coast for Hollywood fame to the clubs on the Sunset strip, to the recording studios and video shoots, to the wrong side of the tracks. As a young guitarist from Annapolis, Maryland, a town now synonymous with PRS, big box music retailers did not exist. I was one of the original PRS employees, trading my time between the wood shop and sanding department. Buying my own first custom guitar was a memorable, personal experience at a local store known as a destination for musicians that was also run by fellow musicians. Music gear could be freely explored, where the intimate details of each instrument were shared and analyzed.

My goal is to create a similar guitar experience and offer that kind of custom participation to anyone. I handle every sale personally and am always available to guide you towards a purchase tailored to suit you and your specific needs. We strive to have 100% satisfaction.  My goal is to derail all returns – I will go the extra mile with you to make sure you receive an instrument that thrills you – if we don’t have it, we will help you create it, as we specialize in custom orders. The close relationships with my featured vendors ensure they will fabricate things for Boxcar that will not be available through other stores. I aim to build long-term relationships with my luthiers and customers and to keep you coming back down the line over the years to build your collection.

  Boxcar Guitars is here to offer invaluable advice about the long term investment, playability, and building a well rounded collection for any level of enthusiasm. 
Our smoke free and climate controlled environment is here to ensure that our customers get the maximum care and potential value from their purchases.
While we respect the recent surge in the boutique guitar movement, we keep it classy here at Boxcar Guitars. We feature timeless designs from master builders and luthiers, many destined to earn family heirloom status.

When buying from Boxcar Guitars, you can rest assured that you are taking home something of quality, worthy of music professionals, as well as the aspiring player. We'll help you get the guitar you need to take your musical needs to the next destination. 

Give us a call just to chat or set an appointment to experience the intimate details of our hand-picked selection today. 

Boxcar Guitars, Purveyors of Fine Tone ™



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