Boxcar Guitars of San Diego Launches Online Store

Posted on July 15, 2015 by Garett Overstreet

Located in the seaside town of Encinitas, California,  Boxcar Guitars’ retail showroom will serve San Diego and global music community. The brick and mortar showroom currently in the works; we are scouting out the ideal location which will absolutely include a smoke free and climate controlled environment, to ensure that our customers get the maximum care and potential value from their purchases.

While we respect the recent surge in the boutique guitar movement, we plan to keep it classy here at Boxcar Guitars“, says proprietor Garett Overstreet. “We feature timeless designs from master builders and luthiers, many destined to earn family heirloom status.”

When purchasing from Boxcar Guitars, you can rest assured that you are taking home something of quality, worthy of music professionals, as well as the aspiring player.
Call us today to get the guitar, amplifier or effects you need to take your musical needs to the next destination.

About Boxcar Guitars

Boxcar Guitars is a boutique guitar showroom focused on a select few of the most talented and skilled craftsmen in the United States. The few and true master builders of guitars, amplifiers, and effects in the industry.
Our unique selection of brands are stocked with you, the valued customer in mind. At Boxcar Guitars the freight is always rolling in with inventory selected to complement the true connoisseurs’ collection, high-end gear that just can’t be found at other music stores.

Welcome to Boxcar Guitars, Purveyors of Fine Tone ™

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